Nov 22, 2011


Learning the word dumpster belong to the Dempster Dumpster Company Eighners propose a capitalization of the word that was lowercased in citation. Anything apart from dumpsters was new and their generic names are not known by any one around. Wino or Hobo corrupt the name and call them Dipsy Dumpster. One year of doing dumpster diving became hopeless. Word scavenging is applicable and using scrounging is always the best when referring to obscure. Heard people connotation to be polite while using the word foraging, which is reserve to the according to season and opportunity for assembling nuts and berries. Lack of athletic ability lowers being a dumpster as true divers should possess to their profitability advantage. It still seems cute. Yes a scavenger live-from-the refuse-of others.
When saving are no more the necessities of life are given by the Dumpster. As a scavenger learn a lot. Urban art is the finding of objects and even respectable employed person will at times find the object in the dumpster. Eating from the trash is what differentiates the dilettanti and the professionals. When eating from the dumpsters need to have a sense and common sense to be able to examine the conditions of the food. Check regularly and know the dumpster of the area and always ask yourself why this was discarded.
Divers always know food is discarded for reason yet dumpsters have perfect good food like canned goods. Las Eighner grants “ all expect the most phobic people would be willing to eat from a can, even if it came from a Dumpster”. Botulism is a possibility with the modern methods of canning, rarely to other food poisoning harm the health of a person. Botulism is fatal and death is always the first symptom. Botulism can occur to both can in pantry shelves and dumpsters making home-canned goods too risky.
Companions from- time-to –time always ask whether crackers are safe. Having no special knowledge and always wrong before makes the question to really irritate. Since knows sources of the food makes the assumption that the responsibility of what enters is assign else where. Food found in a dumpster appearance evaluation can be done but beyond this need additional information. Dumpster behind a pizza delivery shop where the closing time was familiar made it possible to scavenge the pizza.
Pizza shop operates with orders which at times customer decline this inventory is usually ion the bases of number of boxes. This makes the only boxed pizza to exist. Thought of being the only scavenger in this dumpster since the supply of pizzas by bogus order was done by others. Visiting and knowing the dumpster is always advantageous since can access the pizzas and able to disgust fresh pizzas. After people in the shop become suspious and stop disposing the pizzas.
Wealthy college student are the inhibitors of this area. In this environment Lars Eighners is narrating that he is not here by chance. Rich dumpster is the ones in this area. These students throw many things at the end of semester, after and before breaks and midterm. Advantageous of the scavenger is to know the timetable. During breaks food is basically thrown since student do not know whether they will find the food after the break. Lars Eighner reveals that “since its daddy’s money, students decide not to take chances. In this area scavenger need not to ask why was this discarded? Since is out of wastefulness, ignorance and carelessness is among the waste can get good items. Out of ignorance student do through away food seal food on the bases of the expiring date which is any advantage to the scavenger since some sealed can still be safe for a few more days.
Dumpster can also collect spirits, drugs and pornography when they expect their parents and inspection. Divers will consider it a boon to find the spirits and juice mixed with rum. Scavengers will find it not their idea of good time to be intoxicated in a public place during the day. Heard of people who have no experience with the dumpsters and possess vivid imaginations contaminate discarded food and handouts. Being a native Texan made it effortless for pizza shop to discard garbage during the day and jalapenos showing up when pizza is thrown out.
Dumpster diving has its life drawbacks. Dysentery will still get a diver no matter ho carefully he becomes. Learning scavenging involves a series of predictable that have to be learnt. At the initial stage scavenger encounters and experiences stick to the mind. This stage passes with experience. After sometime dumpster shyness begins to dissolve and starts to pick repairable devices. Dumpster is always full of things that are that are of potential value and others which are interesting but have no intrinsic value. Lars Eighner claims that “just hate to see food go to waste and so I eat much more than I should” This therefore makes scavenger gain a lot of weight and have the obsession of collecting useless items. Attending to scavenger with diligence will make them yield to a livelihood and reduce the congestation in good finds areas.