Nov 22, 2011

Day of Sabbath

We live in a time of fast pace life, we are always busy running around. We rarely have time to stop and relax. According to Judaism, Jews have a day of Sabbath. Sabbath is the day of rest; a day of relaxation to appreciate God’s creations and relationship (Hopfe & Woodward 2009). I believe that it is very important to have a day of Sabbath. As humans we are always trying to advance ourselves; trying to get the newest and fastest cell phones and other technologies. In life the young generation is constantly keeping in touch through email or text message. Everything is quick and fast. I believe that this can have a negative effect on person so it is necessary to have a day of relaxation.
According to Religions of the World, Sabbath is the most important and distinctive of all Jewish holidays. The fact that it is the most important holiday shows the importance of relaxation. Orthodox Jews are supposed to stay away from driving cars, using money, smoking, or doing any kind of physical activity. This day is meant to stay away from the hectic life so a person is able to relax and go back to the work week in a relax mood (Hopfe & Woodward 2009).

I believe in day of relaxation because I notice when I stop and relax for a day what a big difference there is when I return back to my regular routine. I took nine credits of summer school courses this past summer. This was after I was taking eighteen credits in the fall and spring semester. By the end of summer I was exhausted, constantly studying and worried about the next assignment. I was worn out; I decided to take a small trip to Deep Creek Park in Maryland with my best friend. I turned off my cell phone, did not get on my laptop, nothing. We drove to the creek, rented a cabin and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. It felt amazing to not always be on the run. I was able to just relax and enjoy the scenery. I felt that because my mind was relaxing I was able to appreciate the beauty in God’s creations. I am aware that God’s creations are everywhere but I notice that because I am always so busy there are times that I don’t realize it. This mini trip into nature helped me realize how abundant God’s creations are.
I think in order to have a successful day of relaxation a person should appreciate the basic gifts of life. When a person realizes the gift in simplicity than I think it calms and relaxes a person. Along with noticing the beauty in nature I was able to appreciate my friendship. I had a good time with my friend. On our way back I made sure to call my parents. This trip made me appreciate the simple creations of nature. The trip reminded me to call my parents and just appreciate my relationship with my family because they are the ones that helped create me. The effect a few days of relaxation had on me was amazing. Once I returned from my trip I was much more productive and able to do better work because my mind and body had a few days of relaxation to enjoy the beauties of life.

In conclusion whether a person is a Jew, religious, or not religious a day of relaxation is necessary. This day of relaxation is almost like a person is resetting their clock, resetting to relax and recharge a person. This allows a person to do better when they return back to work or school.