Nov 14, 2011

Goals and objectives for the new workshop

Equip our students with the necessary information concerning computer application programs in a manner that they can easily understand and apply daily.
Create awareness to the people concerning the importance of knowing how to operate a computer (Usher, 2007).
Hire students who are currently in the programs of early childhood to baby sit for parents undergoing training.
Give students full information in regards to usage of the internet and its significance to every person.
Give single parents who have children an opportunity to attend class as there will be a baby- sitting program in the agency (Usher, 2007).
Enhance the computer skills of these people so as to build their confidence in job setting or environment.
Bring about the empowerment of the locals through the use of computers as they will have the required knowledge concerning computer usage thus will be at a higher advantage in the job market.
Reducing the cost of hiring teaching assistants by allowing the placement of college students, thus free labor (Usher, 2007).

To assist students to integrate information learnt in class concerning computer usage and apply it in a job setting.
By the end of the training the students will be able to appreciate the importance of computer usage in their day to day life (Usher, 2007).
To place students at a higher advantage of getting a high quality job through computer literacy lessons.
To enhance mode of communication amongst students, by teaching them the use of Internet, Email and other Social Networks.
To educate the students on windows application, in order to improve their competency and skills and increase their chances of gaining employment (Usher, 2007).
To provide students on placement with the required job experience on this type of field, thus saving the colleges, time and effort looking for student placement.
To make it possible for students to help their children with homework through research in the Internet which is more efficient and reliable (Usher, 2007).
To improve the social lives of students; by giving them the opportunity to interact with new people in the workshop and even in class.