Nov 22, 2011


A. Botox is the latest beauty craze that has hit the middle age market. It is highly sought out by people of all age groups just like they would look for the latest designer wear. Its popularity is made more obvious by the fact that people use it to achieve exceptionally many purposes. Statistics show that different people use it for various purposes as opposed to other products that have only one application. It is, however, noteworthy that it is a beauty product that has medicinal value. It also has cosmetic aspects, which serve to, increase its popularity. The medicinal value of the product is used to cure ailments and illnesses such as migraines and incontinence. It is also used to treat neck pain cerebral palsy. Botox also has elements that eliminate excessive sweating in a person’s lives. The products beauty aspects are, however, what make it most marketable as everyone seeks to enhance their beauty. The beauty functions of Botox include elimination of crow’s feet around the eyes. It also eliminates wrinkles on an individual’s foreheads. The other beauty aspect is that it eliminates laugh lines and frown lines around the face.
II. Body of speech
A. Side effects of Botox
• It causes droopy eyelids in 20.8 % of the people who use it.
• It causes muscle weaknesses in 21% of the people who use it
• It also causes nausea in 3% of the people who use it.
• It causes pains in the face to some of the consumers.
• It also causes high blood pressure or hypertension in up to 1% of the consumers.
• It also causes indigestion and heartburn in up to 1% of the population
• It causes difficulties in swallowing in 20% of the people who use it
• It causes vertical misalignment of the eye or vertical variation in 17% of the population.
• It also causes upper respiratory infection in 12% of the people who use it
• It also causes headaches in 11% of the consumers.
• It causes neck pain up to 11%.
• It causes overactive bladderwhich causes urinary tract infection like difficulties while passing urine and blood elements in the urine.
• It causes fatigue
• It causes dizziness
• Runny or stuffy nose,
• Weaknesses
• It causes fever and chills
• It causes soreness at the place where it is injected
• It causes coughs
• It also causes anxiety and sore throat
B. What is Botox?
• Botox is a trade name for type a botulinum toxin that is produced by clostridium botulinum bacteria. Botox is the purified version of the bacteria as it goes through processing before reaching the market as Botox.
• It is related to botulism food poisoning, but the amounts given are minimal and localised and thus cannot spread in the body. The procedure is safe and harmless to individuals who use it.
• If taken in incorrect amounts, it causes botulism poisoning, which brings a, series of life threatening illness in animals and humans. The toxin paralyses vital breathing muscles.
• Small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin allow the body to have controlled muscle weakening. This is used by the medical fraternity to cure some diseases like cervical dystonia, migraines and other diseases.
• It is also used for appeal purposes like removal of glabellar lines. It is also used to terminate uncontrolled blinking. It is also used to remove facial creases.
• It is administered to the human body using a sharp needle so as to increase precision and accuracy. Before the vaccine, the body should be free of alcohol. Aspirin and anti inflammatory medications two weeks before the drugs are administered.
C. How Botox Works
1. Botox works by performing the action of selective muscle denervation. The muscles are made to contract to accomplish this action
2. To make the muscle contract a message is sent by the nerve to the muscle.
3. The nerve and the muscle meet at a place called neuromuscular junction at which point acetylcholine chemical is released.
4. This causes more chemical reactions, and they make the muscle contract.
5. The acetylcholine receptors are blocked by Botox on the muscle at the junction.
6. This paralyses the muscle in a non reversible manner.
III. Conclusion